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Big Frank

Big Frank is from the "Free State of McMullen County," lives in San Patricio County, and has been talking on the radio for over 25 years. He is a...Full Bio

Big Frank Visits With Jim Shockey

Bill O'Reilly - Killing The Witches

Big Frank visit with Bill O'Reilly about the new book, Killing The Witches.

Killing the Witches revisits one of the most frightening and inexplicable episodes in American history: the events of 1692 and 1693 in Salem Village, Massachusetts. What began as a mysterious affliction of two young girls who suffered violent fits and exhibited strange behavior soon spread to other young women. Rumors of demonic possession and witchcraft consumed Salem. Soon three women were arrested under suspicion of being witches--but as the hysteria spread, more than 200 people were accused. Thirty were found guilty, twenty were executed, and others died in jail or their lives were ruined.

Killing the Witches tells the dramatic history of how the Puritan tradition and the power of early American ministers shaped the origins of the United States, influencing the founding fathers, the American Revolution, and even the Constitutional Convention. The repercussions of Salem continue to the present day, notably in the real-life story behind The Exorcist and in contemporary "witch hunts" driven by social media. The result is a compulsively readable book about good, evil, community panic, and how fear can overwhelm fact and reason.

BILL O'REILLY is a trailblazing TV journalist who has experienced unprecedented success on cable news and in writing eighteen national number-one bestselling nonfiction books. There are more than eighteen million books in the Killing series in print. He lives on Long Island.

2023 International Women's Day Episode

It is International Women's Day 2023. Big Frank visits with several women leaders in our community:
Mrs. Emily Lorenz is the Superintendent of Calallen ISD, Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi Presient Dr. Kelly Miller, and Nueces County Judge Connie Scott. They discuss their influences, how other women have lifted them up, keys to success, and so much more on this 199th episode of the #BigFrankShow2GO podcast.

Big Frank with Dr Travis Taylor

I had a great visit with Astrophysicist & UFO expert DR. TRAVIS TAYLOR, ex-chief scientist of the Unidentified Ariel Phenomena Task Force & one of the main speakers at upcoming event ALIENCON. We discuss:

- Recent spy balloon and then they daily occurance of shooting "unidentified objects" from the sky.
- Why would they need a balloon to spy on us when you have satellite and no telling what else?
- Do you think they had these flying over before this one was spotted?
- Why are there so many people that do believe in UFOs and aliens?
- How he manages his busy schedule

Dr. Travis Taylor is a licensed professional engineer who holds Ph.Ds in Optical Science and Engineering and Aerospace Systems Engineering, as well as Masters in Physics, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, and Astronomy and a B.S. in Electrical Engineering. For the past 35 years, Taylor has worked on various programs for the Department of Defense, NASA, and the intelligence community in areas that include advanced propulsion concepts, quantum teleportation, advanced sensors, space telescopes, space-based beamed energy systems, future combat technologies and systems, and next generation space launch concepts. Dr. Taylor has published over 25 papers, four textbooks (including Alien Invasion), and has authored or co-authored over 20 best-selling science fiction novels. His penchant for experiments and inventiveness have been captured in hit shows such as Rocket City Rednecks and 3 Scientists Walk Into a Bar, as well as The HISTORY Channel's The Tesla Files, Ancient Aliens and The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch.

ALIENCON® - A Live Event to Explore Unexplained Mysteries and Provocative Questions Through Exclusive Panel Discussion with Experts Across Fields, including Ancient Astronaut Theory, National Defense, Astrophysics, and Investigative Journalism AlienCon®, the world's first convention dedicated to seeking the truth about extraterrestrial existence throughout history and solving mysteries of the universe, today announced talent and programming updates for its March 4-5 live event in Pasadena, CA at the Pasadena Convention Center. Tickets are available now at by A+E Networks® and Prometheus Entertainment, the live two-day event will cover an expansive breadth of unexplained phenomena, from the ancient (Egypt, Mayans, Chariots of the Gods, ancient engineering) to present day (disclosure, encounters, UAPs) to explore what lies between science fact and science fiction. The event is inspired by The HISTORY® Channel's hit series Ancient Aliens, and will also feature fan favorites The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch, The UnXplained and The Proof Is Out There and will be held for the first time since 2019. AlienCon website:

Agape Ranch Leave a Legacy 5K & 10K

Big Frank talk to Shannon Murphy with Agape Ranch. Their Leave a Legacy 5K & 10K allows Agape Ranch to raise awareness and funds for foster, adoption ready, aged-out, and vulnerable children, youth, and families in the Coastal Bend. Our next race is scheduled for February 11, 2023. More at

Granger Smith Talks Acting Debut In New Movie "Moonrise"

Granger Smith has amassed a massive and rabid audience now known as “Yee Nation” built through heavy touring and grassroots fan engagement. He now has a social media following of nearly 12 million and over 1.3 billion on-demand streams. Smith broke onto the national scene with Remington, an album that garnered him the No. 1 smash Backroad Song. Smith was also awarded a BMI Country Award for writing, producing, publishing and performing for the song and followed it with the Top 5 hit If The Boot Fits. He was nominated as Best New Country Artist for the 2017 iHeartRadio Awards and was included in the 2017 crop of artists honored during the CRS New Faces show. In 2020, he was awarded the CMT Award for “Don’t Cough on Me” for Best Quarantine Song. Smith makes his acting debut as the star of PureFlix’s upcoming film Moonrise, available exclusively on December 15, 2022. His latest album shares the same name and every song on the new record will be featured in the film.

Bri Bagwell December 2022

Big Frank visits with Bri Bagwell, Texas Female Artist of the Year! She is touring all over Texas and will be playing a show at Third Coast Theater in Port Aransas on Friday, December 9th. She released her latest album, Corazón y Cabeza, this past August. Her single, "Free Man" just hit #1 on the Texas Regional Radio Report making it her ninth #1 single in the state. Her Christmas EP, Red or Green, was released on November 18th. AND she will be making her debut headlining performance at the world famous Billy Bob's Texas on December 22nd.

Nate's Next Kid Up 2022 Toy & Sports Drive

Big Frank visits with 9-year-old Nate Gonzalez and his mother, Izzy. You can donate a new Toy/Sports item to make a child smile! All Donations to Benefit CASA if the Coastal Bend!
This will be at IN THE GAME FUNTRACKERS on DEC 10, 2022, from 3PM-6PM.

La Posada de Kingsville 2022

La Posada de Kingsville illuminated parade is scheduled Saturday, Dec. 3rd at 7pm. with Children’s Day from 10am-2pm at Maggie Salinas Pavilion followed by the Holiday Wine Walk starting at 2pm. Visit for more details.

Dr. Jaime Fergie, Director of Infectious Diseases, Driscoll Children’s Hospital, Medical Director, Global Institute for Hispanic Health

Dr. Jaime E. Fergie is Director of Pediatric Infectious Diseases and Hospital Epidemiologist at Driscoll Children’s Hospital. Dr. Fergie is the medical director of the Global Institute for Hispanic Health. He has an appointment as Professor of Pediatrics at Texas A&M University College of Medicine and Adjunct Clinical Professor at the University of North Texas Health Science Center at Fort Worth. Dr. Fergie is board certified in Pediatrics and Pediatric Infectious Diseases and is a fellow of the Infectious Disease Society of America, the American Academy of Pediatrics, and the Society for Healthcare Epidemiology of America.

We discuss:
How Texans should be preparing for a third winter with COVID
Updated COVID-19 vaccine information
Who is currently eligible to get an updated COVID vaccine
Is it safe to get an updated COVID vaccine the same day as a flu shot
Where can Texans go to find updated vaccines for themselves and/or their children