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Big Frank Show Notes 10/30/23

TUESDAY (tomorrow) is Halloween

RIP Matthew Perry, dead at 54.

Arizona vs. Texas Rangers Game 3 tonight

Cowboys crushed the Rams 43-20

Texas crushed BYU 35-6; #7 AP, #6 coaches poll

Deer season starts Saturday!

GOOD NEWS STORY: Last Thursday afternoon, Alexandria Cowheard was working at Wendy’s in Lexington, Kentucky, when she noticed a customer in the parking lot was in distress. The 22-year-old, who’s currently working toward a career in nursing, quickly called 911 before rushing to the man’s aid. Cowheard found the man unresponsive and not breathing, so using skills she’d learned in high school, she started CPR. After several chest compressions, the man started breathing again, just before an emergency crew arrived and transported him to a nearby hospital. The good Samaritan says the incident felt like it lasted forever, but the whole episode was over in 15 minutes. Afterwards, Cowheard returned right back to work with little fanfare, but she could take comfort in knowing that she helped save a life. “I helped a man,” she says, “Proud of myself for that.”

"Saucer-Shaped" UFO From 2010 Deemed "Genuine UFO" A UFO pictured over Chile in 2010 has been described as “genuinely unidentified” by alien experts. The image taken by a family who was on a picnic in the Andes Mountains showed a glowing orange object ducked behind the clouds. The National Aviation Reporting Center on Anomalous Phenomena (NARCAP) investigated back then, but now scientists are reopening the case. An expert in physics from the University at Albany concurs that this is bizarre, saying, “This object is truly unidentified, so it is a genuine UFO.” Meanwhile, Ted Roe, who’s head of the NARCAP conducted a lengthy study in 2010, saying, “It does not appear to be inserted in the photograph, so we're left with an unidentified aerial phenomenon.” Source: Daily Mail

Study: Hearing Bad Grammar Sends Us Into Stress Mode Some people don’t really seem to notice grammatical mistakes, but they can be maddening to others. But it’s not just cringeworthy, new research reveals that bad grammar actually causes stress and a physical reaction to those who hear or read it. A new study from the University of Birmingham in the U.K. finds when people are subjected to poor grammar, it can trigger a fight or flight response. Examples of bad grammar include mixing up tenses in a sentence, using a double negative and misusing a comma. Researchers have discovered that hearing or reading grammatical errors can send our bodies into stress mode, affecting the autonomic nervous system, a “network that controls the body’s unconscious processes.”

  • For the study, researchers recorded participants’ heart rate variability (HRV) as they listened to speech samples that contained grammatical mistakes.
  • HRV measures the time between heart beats and when we’re relaxed, it’s usually variable, but it becomes more regular when a person is stressed.
  • The more errors a participant heard, the more regular their heartbeat became, a sign of stress.
  • The physical stress from the grammatical mistakes seems to activate a fight or flight response in those who read or hear it.

Lead study author Dagmar Divjak explains that the fight or flight response is triggered during a threat or perceived danger and it turns out, that can even happen from bad grammar. The study concludes that “there is a cardiovascular response to grammatical violations.” Source: University of Birmingham

Cup Noodles Will Finally Be MicrowavableInstant ramen Cup Noodles is getting a packaging makeover for the first time in 50 years and it’s going to make a lot of fans happy. Nissen is ditching the styrofoam cup and moving to a paper one, which is more environmentally friendly. But it also means the ramen can be made in the microwave instead of with boiling water that the old cup required. Look for the new eco-friendly cups starting in early 2024.

Another Poll Finds America’s Favorite Halloween Candy Is Reese’s: Another Poll Finds America’s Favorite Halloween Candy Is Reese’s: We recently told you that the most popular Halloween candy sold on Instacart is Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups and now another survey confirms their place at number one. A Mashed YouTube poll finds 51% of people vote Reese’s Cups as their favorite Halloween candy. Twix comes in second with 17%, M&Ms are third with 14%, Butterfingers are fourth with 12% and Skittles land at number five with 6%. Reese’s is embracing the love and has a range of Halloween-themed candy this year, including bats, skeletons, ghosts, pumpkins and “Franken-Cups.”

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