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Granger Smith Final Tour This Summer

After 24 years of touring, Granger Smith is saying goodbye to country music. His 2023 Like A River Tour will act as his farewell tour. See the full press release below.

Listen to my interview with him a few months ago when he discusses his calling to ministry

Country music star Granger Smith Announces Farewell Music Tour and Soon-to-Release Memoir, Like a River 

APRIL 11, 2023—Trailblazing country singer/songwriter, Granger Smith, announced today via his wildly popular social media accounts that he has decided to exit the music touring business to move towards a new chapter in his life. 

“I’ve been so nervous to make this video, but I’m making this post to announce that this summer is my last ever tour,” said Granger, who has toured for 24 years. “I have felt a strong desire to pursue ministry. This doesn’t mean I’m going to start a church, but this is a time of learning and growing for me. 

“I’m so hopeful about this future. Amber and I have been totally united on this. I know there are going to be a lot of questions and I’m going to try to stay engaged. I’m not going anywhere. I’m going to be here,” added Granger. 

Smith’s “Like A River” farewell tour begins April 13 and runs through August 26. Tour dates and tickets can be found at, with more shows being added in the coming weeks. 

In conjunction with this monumental life change, Smith also announced the upcoming release of his memoir, Like a River: Finding the Faith and Strength to Move Forward After Loss and Heartache, on August 1, 2023 (W Publishing Group, and imprint of Thomas Nelson). 

“Getting here hasn’t been easy, and it hasn’t been quick,” writes Granger in the book’s opening chapter, in reference to his family’s journey through grief following the tragic passing of his young son, River. “Learning to live after loss is not a simple or straightforward process, but I’m here to help you discover that it is possible. This is a book about that process. It’s about learning to live after loss, which actually comes to all of us at some point in life—one way or another. It’s also about my journey toward purpose on the other side of debilitating pain.” 

It was important for Smith to bill his final music tour “Like A River,” the same title as his book, so that the heart behind his new direction would be clear. “I want to be able to provide my fans with one last chance to see me tour. They’ve been such a huge part of my life and I will serve them the best way I can this summer.” 

Compelled by the call to ministry, Smith intends to serve his local church under the teaching, council and leadership of his pastor and elders while he continues work on a master’s degree at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary along with public speaking and authorship.

In a exclusive, Smith opened up more extensively about how his personal journey of grief and faith led him to his life’s true calling. 

Like a River is available for pre-order wherever books are sold. For more, visit


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