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Celebrating Mom and Dad's 50th Anniversary

I don't post a whole bunch of pictures, because (a) I am not good at it and (b) I'm not good at it.

This past weekend we celebrated my parent's wedding anniversary. They have been married 50 years. Here are a few photos from the festivities.

My mother and father were married in February, 1973. We had a celebration this past weekend in Pleasanton with a small group of family.

Frank and Donna Franklin. My folks.

My bride, Addie, with two of our children, Emeline and Archer.

My wife and my mother

We had Los Mariachis Mayorales come entertain at the party. They are very good. They are out of San Antonio. Find them on Facebook

My sister-in-law, Shasta, ordered amazing cup cakes and an awesome cake.

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