Let Us Celebrate The Greatness Of Pizza!

Take Out Pizza in a Box

Take Out Pizza in a Box

As if there weren’t already plenty of options for ordering pizza, UberEats has just introduced a new brand called @Pizza. What is it? A collection of pizzerias that UberEats users can order from on the app. The new pizza-themed brand is operated by @restaurants.

How does it work? Well, local pizzerias will sign up for the new brand which will help them show up higher in the algorithm and be noticed by a larger number of potential customers. The restaurants included in the @Pizza brand will be required certain menu items but will also be able to offer their own unique menu items as well.

Only one pizzeria will be chosen for each area so that the restaurants won’t overlap with each other. Pizza was labeled as one of America’s favorites by Grubhubs “Taste of 2020” and this is the second year in a row where pizza has been the top ordered dish and the trend is expected to continue as the pandemic is still in full force.

Source:Fox News

WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE PIZZA PLACE? I have many, but Georgio's Pizzas and Subs in George West, Texas is at the top of my list.