Who Has Diaper Duty Is A Big Issue For Parents

While babies are definitely adorable, what comes out of them is anything but. It seems a lot of parents simply dread that moment when they have to change their baby’s dirty diaper.

A new survey finds plenty of parents go to great lengths to get out of changing their tot’s soiled diaper. In fact, a third of parents admit they pretend to nap so someone else could deal with it, while 25% have actually run a fake errand so they wouldn’t have to deal with a dirty diaper. 

But of course, parents can’t get out of diaper changes indefinitely. When they are forced to endure a smelly mess, it seems they’re not above changing their tot wherever they possibly can. The poll finds that 94% have changed diapers in a car, while 58% have also changed them in store dressing rooms. But that’s not all. Another 30% say they’ve changed their baby’s diaper on another person’s lap, while 14% have changed a diaper on a stadium seat at a sports game.

And let’s face it, that baby’s mess can sometimes get anywhere but a diaper. Believe it or not,  46% of parents say they didn’t even realize their baby had soiled their diaper until they noticed the poop on themselves. What’s more, 17% of parents say they accidentally spread their baby’s poo on a pet or another child, while 7% have spread it on a stranger.

  • Of course, then there’s the issue of getting rid of that dirty diaper, with 69% of parents saying they’ve held on to one for as many as six hours, while 6% of dads have admitted to falling asleep while holding a dirty diaper.

Source:Financial Content

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