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Introducing Santa’s Lazy Gnome

The holidays are hectic when you’re trying to get all the shopping done and wrapped, and trying to get your kiddos to a few holiday events and activities, on top of all the regular everyday life stuff. So the last thing some parents want to deal with is the dang Elf on the Shelf and its daily needs. But if that makes you feel a little Scrooge-y, there’s another option that lands somewhere between the needy Elf and doing nothing at all.

Meet Santa's Lazy Gnome. He’s an adorable plush little old man, complete with a long gray beard, and he comes with a story book explaining that he doesn’t need to move everyday because he can see the kids from anywhere. This lazy gnome was created by Julie DeForest, a mom who’s been through Elf on the Shelf burnout and then figured out a better way.

Santa’s lazy gnome can watch your children from anywhere with his amazing superpowers and will know if they’ve been good or bad while at school or at the grocery store, so he can help Santa with his nice and naughty lists. And the best part for parents? He likes to stay put, so nobody has to spend any precious holiday time on moving him around at night, which leaves more time for cheesy holiday movies.

Source: PopSugar

As much as we love the holiday season, it’s a stressful time for most parents with all the gift buying and wrapping, kids’ holiday programs to attend and don’t even get us started on that Elf on a Shelf. So while we’re rushing around trying to get it all done, we don’t have much time for self-care, just when we need it most. And that’s why Dena Blizzard, the mom behind the Off-Broadway show “One Funny Mother” created her own holiday tradition for other parents.

Shiraz on a Shelf is a grown-up twist on the popular tradition of that elf that hides around the house to “watches over” kiddos so they’re good for Santa. The kit comes with a custom wine glass and a hilarious book, sadly no wine is included, but the description says it’s “highly encouraged.”

“It doesn’t matter if moms are good or bad, Shiraz on the Shelf is always there in the morning,” Blizzard says in the funny promo video. “Shiraz on the Shelf is really never hidden. It’s left in the open for a drunk lady to find.”

The book explains the backstory of why moms need Shiraz on the Shelf to get through the holidays. “Everyone was fast asleep, they didn’t care one bit,” the story reads. “They all knew Mom would stay up late and finish all this s**t.”

The Shiraz on the Shelf kits sell for $30 on the One Funny Mother website. And if you don’t need one in your life, you probably know a mom who does.

Source: The Stir

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