Microwaving Protein Bars

If protein bars are a necessary part of your life, but have never been your favorite snack, we’ve got news for you. Apparently, people have found a way to bypass the chalky taste or super chewy texture some protein bars have - by popping them in the microwave.

It turns out, zapping that protein bar in the microwave for a few seconds heats it up to a sweet, softer, dessert-like texture that’s much better than the vitamin taffy some of them can be. There’s even a whole Reddit thread about it. Who knew? A user who warmed their CLIF bar for 20 seconds says it basically tasted like a delicious chocolate peanut butter cake.

So it’s not the same as dessert, it’s actually better because it’s high-protein. But if it turns that healthy-ish snack into a next-level treat, sign us up. A little warm-up in the microwave can soften the glaze on the outside of the bar and turn the inside from dense to soft and crumbly and that’s about as good as it gets with protein bars.

Source: Women's Health

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