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Tips That May Help You Fall Asleep

While some people can fall asleep as soon as their head hits the pillow there are plenty of people who toss and turn each night and rarely get the sleep they need to be productive the next day. So, what are people to do if they just can't seem to fall asleep?

Well, plenty of people have advice for how to get a good night’s sleep but there may be some easy things you are not trying that could do the trick.

 Some sleeping tips you may not have tried include:

Chill Out – Experts say sleeping in a cold room preferably between 60 and 67 degrees is the best for sleep. If you’re cold in your room, doctors recommend blankets, rather than heat, to warm you up.

Time your supplements – Plenty of people use melatonin to help them sleep but when you take it is important. If you have problems falling asleep you should take it three hours before bed, but if you have problems staying asleep take it right before you call it a night. Plus,  don’t take more than one or two miligrams.

Block blue light – Light that comes from your phone, computer and other things will keep ou awake so stay away from them, as well as TV, for at least 30 minutes before bed.

Tune out Fido – Pets can make a lot of noise so if you want better sleep, take off their collars at night and hide their toys so you don’t hear them.

Quiet the mind – If you’re stressed about falling asleep you won’t, so experts recommend meditating during the day as a way to help you quite your mind, and mindfulness apps can also work towards that.

Source: New York Post

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