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Earl Dibbles, Jr. Releasing His First Book

Design Credit: Patrick Biederer


Country music chart-topper Granger Smith’s wildly popular country boy alter-ego Earl Dibbles Jr. is conquering new territory as he announced details today for his first-ever book, If You’re City, If You’re Country

First previewed in character this summer at the CMT Music Award red carpet, the book will be released on AUGUST 21. The illustrated paper-back is a collection of comedic anecdotes comparing and contrasting city life and country life as narrated through a cartoon Earl Dibbles Jr. 

Included with the book is a 5-song EP of fan-favorite Earl Dibbles Jr. tracks. Beginning now, fans can pre-order If You’re City, If You’re Country on Amazon. 

Granger explained of the process, “This book has been several years in the making and I couldn’t be more excited to finally put the idea into fruition. Writing these jokes as a creative outlet has been the product of so many late night, after show laughs with the band. Earl in his entire existence has been a walking caricature and finally seeing him in all his glory come to life in illustrations seems so natural. Ultimately, I hope it makes people smile and the thought of that makes me happy.”

Notorious for being a comedy character who “became a cult hero and a YouTube star with millions of views for his videos” ( and named a “Top Comic To Watch” (Variety), Earl and Granger have built a fanatical and loyal fan-base known as the “YEE YEE NATION,” parlaying into a combined social media following nearing 7 MILLION fans. In addition, YEE YEE has transformed into a skyrocketing lifestyle brand which includes apparel, and a proprietary energy drink called YEE YEE Energy. Later this month, Earl and Granger are embarking on their second tour to Australia after undeniable fan demand down-under. The pair will also perform at North American fairs and festivals through Summer 2018.

For tour dates and more information, visit:

If You’re City, If You’re Country EP track listing:

1)    “The Country Boy Song”

2)    “Country Boy Love”

3)    “City Boy Stuck”

4)    “’Merica”

5)    “Don’t Tread On Me”

6)    BONUS: “If You’re City, If You’re Country” (audio) 

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