Americans Will Spend How Much On Super Bowl Sunday?!?!

Super Bowl or football theme food table scene, top view on dark wood

Photo: iStockphoto

In case you haven’t heard, the Super Bowl is this Sunday and while it’s a big day for football fans, it’s also an expensive one. The National Retail Federation’s annual Super Bowl survey looks at how much Americans will be spending on the big game and what their money will be going toward.

Their 2023 poll of more than 76-hundred U.S. adults reveals:

  • 192.9-million people plan to watch the big game, with 103.5-million planning to throw or attend a party and 17.8-million planning to watch at a restaurant or bar.
  • Between food, drinks, apparel, decorations and other game-related purchases, the average person is expected to spend an average of $85.36 per person, with total spending expected to reach $16.5-billion.
  • The game is the most important part for 42% of people, while 19% of viewers say the commercials are, and 18% say the halftime show is most important.
  • The most popular purchases for Super Bowl Sunday are definitely the food and drinks, which make up 79% of overall spending. Other things people buy for the big game include team apparel (12%), TVs (10%), decorations and furniture (both 7%).

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