'Healthy Coke' Is What Everyone On TikTok Is Talking About

The "healthy Coke" TikTok recipe is so hard to believe that even Wayne D, Tay, and Bama wanna try!

A TikTok user shared a two-ingredient recipe that she claims tastes like a "healthy Coke" — and the internet has a lot of thoughts.

On Monday, TikToker Amanda Jones shared a recipe for a healthy soda alternative, but TikTok users are not convinced it tastes like a Coca-Cola. The original TikTok already has nearly 500,000 likes and the internet buzzing over this "healthy Coke" recipe.

In the video, Jones combines balsamic vinegar, guava-flavored La Croix seltzer and a lot of ice. She says that she learned this "healthy alternative to a Coke" from her pilates instructor. 

But she knows how odd this mix sounds and says so in her TikTok. "You're going to think I'm insane," she admits while preparing the drink.

The TikTok creator starts with a big cup of ice and adds a heavy pour of balsamic vinegar. Next, she adds guava-flavored La Croix seltzer, but says that "any sparkling beverage" works. 

"See, it honestly already looks like a Coke," she says before stirring the drink and taking a big swig. 

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