Loretta Lynn, Please be My Neighbor

If I ever win the lottery, I’m moving next door to Loretta Lynn! Ms Lynn is the coolest person on the planet, heck the universe. I could listen to Loretta’s stories all day long. I was so lucky to have Ms Loretta tell me all about her relationship with Patsy Cline. If you haven’t read Loretta’s book “Me and Patsy”, you will be amazed! And if you haven’t listened to her stories in her own words, listen to my visit, by phone of course, with Ms Loretta. I’m surprised she didn’t hang up on me because of some of the questions.....not really, but she did tell me to shut up at one point. My wife does that too. Loretta believes that she is still visited by Patsy’s spirit. Amazing stories and I was so blessed to spent a few minutes with her. Watch out Ms. Lynn! The Pickett’s could be moving in! There goes the neighborhood.

Butcher Hollow Home of Loretta Lynn and Crystal Gayle