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Kyles Nationwide Seek GoFundMe Backing For Record-Breaking Texas Trip

Photo: Getty Images, City of Kyle

Kyles across the country are being called upon to help try and set a Guinness World Record in Kyle, Texas. To get there, though, they need your help!

The City of Kyle seeks to break the record for the largest same-name gathering at the Kyle Fair. Kyles across the U.S. have been seeking the public's help by launching GoFundMes to help them make the trip down south.

In Florida, for example, Kimberlee Vipperman is trying to help her friend Kyle Saucier fly to Texas, according to her GoFundMe. "I am always reading sad and sometimes depressing stories for raising money, I understand this is why we have this option to help people. However, in the times we are having right now I thought it would be fun to do something different and light hearted," she wrote. She's raised nearly $200 of her $900 goal.

Another GoFundMe aims to send a Kyle to Texas since his wife "will not let him use his own money" to attend the gathering.

There are over a dozen different fundraisers set up for the cause, MySanAntonio reports.

To break the record, more than 2,325 Kyles need to be present at Lake Kyle Park on the last day of the Kyle Fair (Sunday, May 21) at 4 p.m. It's free to attend, but the only requirement is that your name must be spelled "Kyle." Upon arrival, all Kyles will be asked to sign in at the VIP Tent and after the event, all Kyles will take a group photo. All Kyles will also receive a free Kyle Fair T-shirt of their choice.

"In order to break this record, we're calling for any and all Kyle's. We need tall Kyle's, short Kyle's, young Kyle's and old Kyle's to get close to the record set five years ago. We're very excited about the upcoming, inaugural Kyle Fair and have high hopes that this event will bring out the Kyles needed to grab a spot in the record books," said City of Kyle Special Events Manager Claudia Rocha.

The current same-name gathering world record is held by Ivans, who met up in Kupreski Kosci in Bosnia and Herzegovina in 2017.

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