C'mon Get Happy: 10 yr old Girl Fights a Gator!!


This is incredible. A ten year-old girl was swimming in a lake near Orlando when she was grabbed by a NINE-FOOT ALLIGATOR!! The gator chomped down on her thigh. She had just visited an alligator-themed park called Gatorland. When she was there, the experts gave a talk on what to do in case you are attacked by an alligator. They told her to punch it in the nose to stun it. Sure enough, that is what this young girl did--she punched the gator in the nose, and it was stunned long enough that she could pry its jaws off her thigh. The alligator was caught and euthanized. She went to the hospital and will be fine. She has wounds on her thigh, but likely saved her own life...

Bama, Rob & Heather

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