C'mon Get Happy: The Rat Pack Gets Adopted!


In Oshkosh, Wisconsin, the Humane Society had a tough case...there were three pets that came from the same house, after the owner could not take care of them. The Humane Society people wanted to get the three adopted together because the three were bonded together. It was a dog and cat--which would not be super hard to adopt together--but the third pet was a rat. The dog, Sasha, is a terrier mix. The kitty is Jack, and the rat's name is  Tweeks. The three needed to be there--the Humane Society people found that out when they put the three pets in separate rooms, and Jack the kitty got really depressed. So, they put all three in the same room together, and started calling them the Rat Pack. 

Then they all waited. Waited for someone to come adopt all three together. A dog with a cat is tough enough---and then add a rat? Good luck! 

Finally, a woman came in with her daughter, and said she'd take the dog AND the cat.  She didn't want the rat at first.  But once they saw how bonded they all were, they decided to take him too. YAY!!

Bama, Rob & Heather

Bama, Rob & Heather

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