Blender Explosion Turned Into a Delicious Yorkshire Pudding!

My husband was making Yorkshire Pudding--when the eggs went into the blender, they went right out the bottom! Chris and I have been using the sous vide method to make steaks. Afterwards, you have to either sear the steak in a cast iron skillet or blast it with a blow torch. We have done both. The sous vide method is cool--cooking steak for awhile at a consistent temperature (steak seasoned, vacuum sealed in a baggie, cooked in a water bath). The steaks end up delicious. We also recently got a 12" cast iron skillet from my favorite, Sam the Cooking Guy. It is a beautiful pan (comes with a lid--bonus!) My husband spent the last two days seasoning it right (impressive--I know--he really took it seriously and did an excellent job).

Well, I tell you all this to say--we had a delicious dinner, but not without a delicious for my dogs on the floor--mishap. We went to make the Yorkshire Pudding--so good--and when he put the eggs into the blender, the base of it broke and eggs went all over the counter and down the wall and onto the floor. The dogs were THRILLED, lapping up the eggs. We were not excited. It was a mess. Anyway--we ended up using the tiny smoothie blender, which we had to do in two batches it is so small. The Yorkshire Pudding was EXCELLENT. Chris's secret is that he uses melted Wagyu beef tallow instead of butter. Holy moly, it is delish. We also had corn on the cob and some ginormous steaks. Just amazing. I am linking you all kinds of information about all the things I have referenced...enjoy!

Yorkshire Pudding on Baking Tray with wood and decorative festive background
Yorkshire Pudding

Photo: Getty Images

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