Are We Ever Going to Go Out Again--I Mean Like We Used To?

Are we ever going to go out like we used to--you know--like just *go out to dinner* or the movies on a whim? You know, when we did not know what to have for dinner--we would just go out. It was nice. If we saw something that looked fun at the movies--we would go see it. If it stunk--we did not really care--it was still fun to go. We would have people over for pretty much any holiday--just as an excuse to get together. It has been since Christmas of 2019 since we have had anyone over for anything. I know because my mother-in-law has a birthday in March, and her birthday in 2020 was the first get together that got canceled in our household. She totally thought I was overreacting. Little did she know, that was just the beginning of the cancellations!

Yes--we are all vaccinated. However, we do live with an elderly person who is medically compromised--she is someone we are always careful about anyway--even before the pandemic--you know--do not come to our house if you are sick at all, because no one wants to get Margo sick! Throw Covid and any variants in there--we are still hesitant to just go out places all willy-nilly. Have you been to the movies yet? We have not. We have been to a restaurant--just this Father's Day was the first time we actually ate-in somewhere as a family. It was GREAT. By the way--the place was packed--and on the wait, with people clamoring to get in--I was happy to have made a reservation a week in advance.

Yes, I go to the grocery store. I have been to Target and I think Walmart once. I have been to Lowe's and Home Depot but not to the mall. There is no rhyme or reason to my avoidance of some places. It is weird. Have you been out clothes shopping? Been to the mall? Is there anywhere you have gone that you were SO happy to return to? I was not much of a happy-hour person at this point in my life--but occasionally would meet people for drinks. Have you been back to bars? I guess I am asking all these questions to see if everyone else has been out a lot or if y'all have also been hesitant to get back out there as well. Let me know in the comments...see you out there?


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