Can’t Love You Cuz Your Feet’s Too Big!

There are great things about being tall: your friends can always find you in a crowd; you can always reach things on high shelves; you can see during parades. There are downsides as well—pants are too short. It almost always looks like you stole your long-sleeved shirt from an unsuspecting child, and shoes with any sort of style are difficult to find. Let me qualify that statement: I mean not plain, black, Velcro loafers—then, it’s tough to find my size. I’m about a 12.5 W. As a bonus, I have high arches and narrow heels—so if I go up a size to 13 for the width and a wee bit more length, they flop off the backs of my heels.
it is a ridiculously first-world problem that I’m complaining about.
Today, I was one for five from Zappos. I had ordered five pairs of shoes in hopes of maybe getting a few to wear. Only one will I keep. It was sad. The good news is Zappos is owned by Amazon, so returns are super easy—it was probably easier than going to the shoe store, when you really think about it—but my stop tomorrow will be at the UPS store to drop off my return.

Do you think she’ll remember me—last time I was there I was dropping off the poop box! Eek!