Mother's Day Gifts You Can Do--That Are Way More Special Than Flowers!

Moms are hard to buy for--chances are they will tell you they do not want anything but to see you or for you to get them a card. I have some good ideas--that if you get on it and order these today and get to work, you will be a superstar!!

I Love You Mom: And Here's Why, Hardcover book. You can order this awesome book on Amazon Prime, and get going filling it up with all the reasons you love your mom!!

I love this one, too, because it is a lovely way to wake your mom up with sunshine (and of course, you can tune the radio to 98.1 KVET and she can listen to me and Bama, too!). How nice is that--remember when we were little, and Mom used to come in and open the curtains to wake us up? It is like you can do that for her--with this Wake Up Light Sunrise Alarm Clock, also on Prime--so you can totally order it and get it in time for Sunday, Mother's Day!!

If your mom is a goofball who enjoys a glass of wine, like mine, then these socks, also on Prime (you sensing a theme here, folks?) are great!! They are pink and fuzzy and funny!!

"If You Can Read This Bring Me Some Wine" Socks come in cute Cupcake packaging--you cannot go wrong here!

I am going to let you in on a little secret--this one is one of my favorite things: FabFitFun! If you have kids--it is like Loot Crate for ladies. It is one of the original boxes that you can order, filled with really high quality goodies, and I have to tell you, some of my FAVORITE things are things I have gotten as surprises in my FabFitFun boxes. Its quarterly, and it is DELIGHTFUL!!

You can still get flowers and some funny and heartfelt cards. I actually got my mom some BeautyPie face cream she would not buy for herself. Whatever you choose, make sure mom knows you love her. That is the important part. Happy Mother's Day early!!