My Son Had His First Dose Last Week For All The Right Reasons

My seventeen year-old son has already received the first dose of the vaccine. I was very proud of Brendan for wanting to do it. He is a senior in high school and on the autism spectrum. He has had a tremendous amount of anxiety about the virus for the past year or so. He has been worried he would get it, but even more, he has been concerned he would give it to his step-grandma. She lives with me, and has health problems.
Bless his heart, he has allergies, so after he got the shot, he felt kind of yucky, and he assumed it was the allergies acting up. I didn’t want to amp up any anxiety so we just said, yeah...allergies. He was really proud of getting the shot and cannot wait until that glorious day when both his parents are relaxed enough to say: let’s all go to the movies. There will be dancing and rejoicing!!