Real Simple Magazine May Be the Best Magazine Ever Published!

Magazines used to be my secret addiction. For years I subscribed to People, Us, Entertainment Weekly, lots of women's magazines, parenting magazines, and I took O magazine from the jump. Then I swore off ALL of them when I began to realize how many of the articles were completely based on which products bought advertising. It felt so dirty. How could I believe your gushing articles, Elle magazine, about some skin cream, when that very skin cream was advertised on the opposite page? It only took me into my 30s to catch on...haha.

My parents were always subscribers to Consumer Reports, and so was I, pretty much from about 30. I have always been aware of the fact that they pride themselves on the fact that they do not take advertising--so it does not have any impact on the opinions they give on their products. (Don't you wish we could get that for the news? But I digress...)

On to Real Simple! I love this magazine! I would pick it up in the store and read it in the check out line--and finally just gave in and subscribed, and it is the best money I have spent. I subscribed to their newsletter, too, and it is equally awesome! Today--it is Twelve Hidden Gems on Amazon. Love it! I find I save the articles and pull out the recipes to save and read and clip the cleaning tips--it is crazy good. It is like having the smartest, most useful friend at your beck and call! I was reading the most recent issue and thought, I wish I wrote this!

Bottom line, if you click through the channels aimlessly, why not subscribe to Real Simple and do a little reading! It is worth it. :D