Homeless Shelter Could Be Opening Near You

A Homeless shelter is going to open somewhere in the Austin area in the next few months. Where you ask? Well, no one knows yet. The city counsel has decided to ban camping out in 4 locations in the Austin area. Ben White, Manchaca area, I- 35 and down by the hike and bike trail. Voters will decide next month if it will be considered illegal and allowing police to write tickets and make arrest. But these areas are gonna be vacated, cleaned and possibly even fenced. The shelter that will house all of these folks is in the works right now but the city doesn't have to announce where it is till after the deal is done. I believe this is the year we are all gonna have to decide which is more important to us. People or money. This problem is not gonna go away with a shelter. We are all gonna have to address this at some point. I feel I'm a " all boats rise with the water" person and if they are helped in a way that can truly change their life, then, whatever it cost, in the long run it will be worth it.