Conspiracy Theory? Come On In—I’ve Been Binge Watching Fringe!

Sure I believe there are multiverses. At this point time travel, nanotechnology, regeneration of bodies, shared consciousness, telepathy, mind control—I think I believe almost any of it is possible. I think it is a combination of the absolute weirdness of 2020 and the fact that I’ve been binge watching the television show, Fringe, created by JJ Abrams. Plus, it just seems that the world has lost its collective mind. So often things seem to make no logical sense to me—that I just throw up my hands and say, okay, maybe I am open to all kinds of crazy now. Maybe I will get a tin foil hat. (Not really—unless it was really cute!)

Seriously, have you watched Fringe? I missed it when it was new—I think my kids were younger, and much higher need as far as their autism went, and I believe I was finishing law school or studying for the bar exam—so I was not watching lots of television. I missed out. My husband Chris introduced me to it, and happily, it was long ago enough that he doesn’t remember lots of it.
It’s a special division of the FBI that investigates supernatural or super weird or inexplicable events. It is so cool. So time bendy, too. Joshua Jackson and Anna Torv are the stars.

Several actors play dual roles and do it quite well. Can you tell I love it? And I’m one who almost always avoids series—seldom will I make the commitment. If you’re looking for something fun and different—Fringe is GREAT!

Click here for the trailer.