Therapist May Be The New Career Field To Choose.

This past year amped the stress levels for everyone. Lots of us decided it might be time to find a therapist or counselor—so we went to our insurance companies (of not) and lo and behold, no one is taking new patients.
The thing that was a bummer was clicking the choice of ‘only accepting new patients’ and still finding no therapist who is accepting new patients. It was frustrating! In my case I wrote to seven or eight therapists, who were very nice and wrote back to me very quickly to say sorry, I’m full.
One said that she usually recommends potential clients to her friends who are also counselors but everyone she knows is also full. So she wished me luck. That was kind of disheartening. So, if you’re stressed out, what do you do when you look for help and there isn’t any help out there?

That brings me back to my point--it is not as if the world is going to get LESS stressful. So you may not be done with your studies in time to help me, you may find a really fulfilling, well-paying lifetime career! That was what struck me with one therapist who responded--her name was Allison--she said: I usually just refer a patient to my friends--but everyone I know is absolutely full--no one is taking patients at all.

That, my friends, is a field that needs people!!

If you are a student, or someone thinking of going back to school to finish college or maybe get a Master's Degree--think about going into counseling or psychology. From what I have heard from my friends who are therapists (who will not give me appointments either!), it is a really fulfilling career, and can be lucrative, as well as flexible. You can work from home and have the scheduling freedom to raise a family--and most importantly, HELP PEOPLE!! Win-win-win!!