The John Wick Car

The John Wick movie had two prominent cars featured in the JW1 and 2. The Mustang, which is what started the whole theme of the movie, and the Chevelle. Even though I loved the Mustang, that 70 Chevelle spoke to me. More so actually in the second Wick movie. In fact, I was so taken with it, I ended up buying it..well, the stunt car anyway. They used 3 Chevelles in that movie. A beauty car (a real 70 SS, by the way, used for a few close ups) and a "stunt" car and a third car that they ran the motorcycle into and totaled in 2. They considered the "stunt" car the real John Wick car. I contacted some friends of mine who messed with classic cars and was able to locate the "stunt" car in New Jersey. I bought it and had it shipped down here. The movie people, who were as nice as could be, made a notarized letter for me proving it was the movie car with the VIN, etc.. It was a really nice car and I drove it around here in Central Texas for a couple of years. I showed it at car shows too and it always amazed me how many kids wanted their picture taken with it. I would ask them "You've seen those Movies?" and they would "yeah, loved them." I'm talking even little kids. So violent hahahaaha. Anyway, as with all my cars, I got bored with it and I ended up selling it to a friend in Nashville who also bought the wrecked Mustang from the movie. Still one of my favorite cars.