Snooze Button: Best Invention Ever? Or Devil’s Handiwork?

Work was long today and then there was a dentist appointment at the other end of town—then a quick trip to the H‑E‑B and I finally got home. It was about two hours later when I finally walked in the front door and got to kiss my handsome husband.
Chris was great and shooed me off to nap right away. This was about 3:30. I set my timer to go off at 5:15, and an alarm at 5:30 pm. I figured that I would get a really good nap in, get up and make some dinner for the family. The timer went off, and I shut it off, knowing the alarm would go off at 5:30. Then at 5:30, I made the STOOPID, rookie error: I shut it off, and thought, I’ll just close my eyes for like 2 minutes. Dumb. Dumb. Dumb. The next time I opened my eyes, it was 7:06!! After 7:00!! Are you kidding me?
Sleeping is one of my favorite things. It is a luxury I love. One of my favorite treats. I love my bed. (Chris and I named it Ned.) However, that’s kind of like eating the entire bag of candy in one sitting. I slept three plus hours!! Thanks to my sweet husband for letting me—he very kindly said: you obviously needed it (and cleaned the kitchen!).
What did I learn? First—I’m reminded, on a daily basis, that I married the best man in the world, and second, snooze buttons are for suckers. P