Mini Coopers Are Awesome

Mini Coopers

Mini Coopers are one of my favorite cars. I've had three of the later version...not the original. I sat in an original but my knees hit the steering column. My favorite was a Blue supercharged version (that's what the S stands for in the name plate) and it was like driving a Formula 1 car. So much fun that it produced 3 tickets the first year I had it. So it had to go. It had the white stripes down the hood which was BMW's ode to Race Driver John Cooper who raced the early minis to great success and all his race cars had that same stripe on them. Later, I had a Red one that had some mechanical issues but was what I used to teach my daughter how to drive a stick. She actually learned in a VW bug to start with (story another time) This time it went much better and we had a blast. I sold it because I really needed an automatic. The last one I owned was a silver one and was also a non supercharged one. Still fun but no race car. I suspect I will get another one, probably new and I will have the super charged one. Tickets be damned!