Redneck Or Genius

Redneck is a word that gets thrown around a lot about people from the south, but, in my opinion, it is a term that should be earned. I offer proof that I am a certified Redneck. It would seem, being named "Bama", I would get an automatic in but I really think I have worked hard most of my life to be known as a Redneck. My best example is one time I had a rusty 55 Chevy. Ok, right there, that kinda qualifies me, but stay with me. This car had a good engine but the body was really rusty with the floors completely rusted out with holes where you could see the ground. The gas tank had rust in it also and started plugging up the fuel line to the carburetor. So, I got a gas can and set it on the floor and ran a hose thru a rusted out hole in the firewall to the engine. The engine didn't know where the gas came from so it ran fine. The fumes were never really a problem because there was air coming up thru the floor and out the missing back window. I drove this thing everywhere. I tied down the gas can with a rope so the whole rig would be safer. Proud to be a Redneck.