Crazy Week Culminated in High-Fiving a Stranger!

Last week was wacky. In all my years in Texas, I’d never experienced the literal highs and lows of the weather. I mean, I had joked about it like everyone else, but come on! I lived in Florida for 21 years and lived through multiple hurricanes and seldom experienced the crazy food shortages we experienced this week.
Side note—can we even praise H‑E‑B highly enough? I doubt it. The level of preparation and organization and calm and general goodness is just astounding. I wish they were in charge of more things.
My story happened at the H‑E‑B...I stopped into the store, hoping beyond all hopes that I’d find eggs and milk and cheese. Great news—the shelves were finally filled. I was delighted. Here’s the fun thing—so many others were in the same happy mood like I was, I literally high fived a lady by the eggs!! We were both so psyched to find the shelves stocked. It’s just a reminder not to take things for granted. We are blessed as Texans and as Americans. High Five!!