Heather De-Iced the Car Thursday—Was It a Pro Move?

Thursday’s commute was awful with wrecks everywhere as the rain turned to sleet and roads became covered in ice. My car’s engine light came in on AGAIN, so I dropped it at Firestone (I figured they wouldn’t be slammed on a day like yesterday—correct). Bonus, I could drive Chris’s car to work (it has seat warmers!). By last night, his was a car-sicle. Covered completely in a thick layer of ice. KXAN weather said the precipitation had stopped, so I thought—huh. I’ll go heat up the car, put on the defrosters, take my I-am-from-the-north-so-I-have-a-real-powerful-scraper, and go to town. If the weather report is right, it’ll save me time in the morning. So I did!! Here’s what I came out to this morning: