The JOY of Adopting a MICRO-GOAL Philosophy!

I know that it is better to set lofty goals about living better and working out more, but history has taught me that these goals are not my forte. Bama and I did a story on last week--there's a new trend: micro-goals.

It sounds bad if you position it as: aim lower. That's not really it. It is more like: baby steps--or, you have to walk before you can run. For example--before Christmas, I told Bama I was going to get rid of the entire storage unit that we had. That was a MACRO goal, and, I am going to micro-goal it. So, here is my micro goal:

I will go to the storage unit this week and get a box out of it and look in it this week. That seems reasonable, right?

I have plenty of choices...wish me luck.