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That Silver Fox is Quite a Snack--Zaddy! (All New Words in the Dictionary!)

The newest words being added to the dictionary will likely make anyone over 35 feel old. Some of the newest words in the dictionary are too hip for me. For example: synchronous and asynchronous as terms describing the work place. I just go to work...

Asynchronous means: "occurring or able to be completed independently according to a person’s own self-paced schedule or within a broad window of time, but not coordinated to be completed in real time with another participant." My brother works for a high-tech company in California, and he pretty much has the freedom to work from wherever he wants, with only minimal needs for being there at certain times with other co-workers.

Synchronous means: "occurring in real time, as with participants logged in at an appointed time for a live lecture or discussion."
For example--Bama and I have synchronous jobs--as in, we go in at the same time and work together, live.

Side hustle is a good one--it means a second, part-time job, but sounds way cooler...

Have you heard Zaddy? It means Daddy, but the daddy is sexy and stylish. (Yeah--we use that one all the time, lol).

Silver fox is one we know and likely could use--an attractive man or woman with gray hair. I think that is a term most of us know, and with our ages, most of us know one or are one!

A snack is not just some yummy things to eat. A snack in today's terms means a sexy hottie. Okay...

Probably the best news of all is--instead of being a Southern-only word, y'all is finally in the dictionary! It has made it to the rest of the country and is generally accepted. Great news, y'all.

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