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Pizza Pizza Pizza! Yeah, I Know It Was National French Fry Day, But Hey...

Did you know 350 slices of pizza are eaten a second in the United States? That is an amazing fact--one which I think our family may affect the curve. We eat pizza every Tuesday on two-for-one pizza night at Tony C's. What is amazing is to me is that people have been enjoying pizza in the US since the 19th century. Dough, sauce,'s not to love! Since 2017, it is the fastest growing style of restaurant. I am telling you this because a list has been released by Trip Advisor--a list of the most popular pizza places in our area. What would you guess is the top pizza place in town?

#15. Brick Oven

#14. Bufalina Pizza

#13. East Side Pies

#12. Via 313 Pizzeria

#11. Roppolo's Pizza

#10. Little Deli & Pizzeria

#9. Brick Oven Restaurant

#8. Numero28

#7. Via 313 (Guadalupe)

#6. DeSano Pizzeria Napoletana

#5. Pinthouse Pizza

#4. Backspace

#3. Via 313 Pizza (Oak Hill)

#2. Via 313 Pizza (E 6th)

#1.Home Slice Pizza

So what we are seeing here is people who report things on Trip Advisor REALLY like Via 313 pizza places. Of these restaurants, I have eaten at three or four of these places--none of the Via 313s. I knew--like you probably did--that Home Slice would be number one. I want to add a few places to this list. We love Tony C's Pizza a lot. Yaghi's Pizza is also delicious. There is another nice pizza place in Round Rock called Slap Box Pizzeria. Chris and I recommend them all. If you are looking for good pizza--you can't go wrong there. Maybe I will see you at one of the Via 313 places next!

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