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C'mon Get Happy: College GameDay Sign Guy Has Raised Over $1 Million!

It all started as a goof--Carson King was going to the ESPN College Gameday broadcast at the Iowa-Iowa State Game. He had a (very) handmade sign saying his Busch Beer needed to be replenished, along with his Venmo information. Incredibly, upon the first sighting of the sign--Carson had several hundred dollars in his account. Within the day, he had thousands of dollars, and a promise of matching cash from Busch and Venmo.

Well--things have gone well for Carson. He said he planned to donate all but $15 (the cost of a case of Busch Light beer) to the University of Iowa Children's Hospital. Lots of other positive things have happened since then:

The hospital was delighted and offered Carson a tour of the hospital.

Two Hawkeyes fans have donated their tickets to Carson for this weekend's game.

Busch Light has offered Carson a years-supply of beer with his face on it!

An ice cream shop from his hometown has created a non-alcoholic Busch Light flavored ice cream in his honor. (100% of the ice cream's proceeds will go to his Venmo account.)

A local bank has donated $60,000.

The total so far--over $1 MILLION DOLLARS! Wow!

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