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C'mon Get Happy: A Double-Shot of Lottery Awesomeness!!

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There are TWO great lottery stories this morning:

Mario Loza bought two identical lottery tickets -- which were both winners -- so he ended up collecting twice.

He accidentally bought the two tickets with the exact same numbers at a 7-Eleven store in Arlington, Virginia.

And, sure enough, the numbers were a winner, giving him a $100,000 jackpot on one ticket. And a few days later, he realized he had the second twin ticket -- so he was able to collect another $100,000.


There's a guy in Bend, Oregon named Stu MacDonald who's battled cancer TWICE. And both times, he beat it.  Apparently he's in remission now, and everything's good.

But things got REALLY good about a week ago . . . because he just hit the lottery for $4.6 MILLION.

They decided to take the lump sum of $2.3 million. So after taxes, they took home just under $1.6 million.

Stu says that after two cancer scares and now this, he knows he's a "very lucky guy."

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