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C'mon Get Happy: List of Secret Santas Paying Layaway GROWS!

Photo courtesy of Getty Images

A Secret Santa in Colorado recently walked into a Walmart near Denver and paid off ALL of the Christmas gifts people had on layaway.

Call it a Christmas miracle.

Dozens of families in Colorado are in disbelief after a complete stranger paid off their holiday shopping bills. It happened at a Walmart where an anonymous donor walked in and paid off the entire layaway section earlier this week.

Lisa, a single mother of 5, had planned to cancel her layaway because times were tight this holiday. 

Walmart’s layaway program allows shoppers to slowly pay off presents leading up to the holidays. The items remain in the store until they’re completely paid off.

Walmart says the gift was worth about $45,000 for all of the layaway items.

All the people involved say thank you!!

This is not the first Secret Santa story we have had. A few weeks ago, someone paid off all the layaway items in Vermont--that's his picture below. 


A secret Santa surprised customers at the Walmart in Uniondale, New York last week when he came into the store and paid off every layaway item. It cost about $50,000, too!!

Customers say they were told to check their emails to find that they have a balance of zero. There's a great picture of all the layaway slips below. 

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