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C'mon Get Happy: 2 Saved Lives--a Chicken & a Pit Bull!

A police officer in upstate New York is receiving praise, and even some good-natured ribbing from his comrades, after he ran into a fire to save the life of a chicken.

Officer McGovern responded to a fire inside a shed on a residential property. The quick-thinking officer ran inside first to remove a couple of propane gas tanks. He then ran back inside to save a chicken from being roasted.

His body camera was recording as he ran out of the shed holding the chicken and shouted, "I got your chicken!"

The police department later wrote on Facebook, "Now, it's not that we don't love chickens. They're just fine and certainly deserve our assistance. It's just that, if you ever wanted to get a hard time from your co-workers, be a hero ... to a chicken."

The life of a UPS driver in Grand Island, New York, changed in a big way thanks to a shelter dog named Ernie.

Back in October, Jason Coronado was delivering packages to an animal shelter when Ernie – a pitbull-terrier mix – jumped into his truck … and refused to leave.

The staff of the animal shelter was finally able to coax Ernie out of the truck, and Jason continued his delivery route – but he couldn’t stop thinking about Ernie. It didn’t take long for Jason to realize that Ernie was just the kind of dog he was looking for. Jason went so far as to describe him as the “perfect dog.”

So Jason adopted Ernie, bringing him home for good – just in time to enjoy the holidays together.

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