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C'mon Get Happy: Millennial Saves Dog in Most Millennial Way!

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There's a guy named Miguel Camacho, and he's a college student in Tampa.  On Thursday, he was at a park, studying for a test he had that night . . . and while he was taking a break, he hopped on Facebook and saw a post about a missing dog.

 The dog was named Zeus, and it knows how to kiteboard. . . and apparently he was stolen by a guy in his 60s or 70s driving a gray sedan.

And just as Miguel was reading the post . . . a guy in his 60s or 70s pulled up to the park in a gray sedan, and he hopped out with the dog. Miguel called the number in the ad and told them he thought he had found the dog. 

The police were called, but said they could do nothing without the dog’s owner present. The owner asked Miguel if he could keep on an eye on Zeus and his apparent abductor. But it was getting close to test time. So, Miguel got in his car and followed the gray sedan for a few miles. Then the driver stopped, got out and asked him why he was following him.

“I believe that dog isn’t yours,” Camacho said he told him. “I’m on the phone with his owner right now.”

Miguel then walked to the gray sedan and called out the name “Zeus.” The dog jumped up and ran to him,  and together they drove off. He was going to miss his test.

The guy who stole Zeus took off, but Miguel was able to reunite the dog with his family that night.  And he missed his test . . . but when his professor heard the story, he said he could retake it later. 

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