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C'mon Get Happy: Surprise Birthday Party for Little Boy!!

A radio station threw a cos-play themed birthday party for Max, after his actual birthday party was a real disappointment. Mom wrote to the radio station to remind people of manners and RSVPing. 

Here is the gist of the letter from the mom: 

My son is turning 7 this month, and he asked for a friends only birthday party so we could go somewhere fun, i.e. Urban Air.  I bought a birthday package for 10 kids, and invited 30 kids to make sure he had a full party. Of those 30 kids, 5 RSVP’d as “No.” Only 1 kid and her sister showed up.

My kiddo was pretty awesome. Had fun with the girl and her sister and did not mention it again. 

When we got to his day camp this morning, where more than half the kids we invited attend, he didn’t want to get out of the car. He said he was embarrassed that his friends didn’t come and didn’t want to tell them that no one showed up for his birthday. 

Mom said: RSVPs are important--please tell parents that.


A local cos-play business heard the story, and decided to help. They decided to throw a surprise party for the young man, Max, full of super heroes.  At the party were Wonder Woman, Deadpool, Captain America, Batman, Black Widow, Storm, Catwoman, Star-Lord, and Gamora all on hand to give Max a super birthday party. It was a blast for Max! The video of Max being surprised is delightful!

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