Mornings with Bama Brown

Mornings with Bama Brown

Mornings with Bama Brown on 98.1 KVET. Austin's Original Country.Full Bio


Producer Ian's rap on his last day! See the video!

Producer Ian's Rap!

Here's a story all about a station

One that can be heard across the nation

So kick on back 

Just sit right there

And let me spin you my epithet

About my time at KVET

You see there's this trio

Which I gotta say is pretty neato

You got Rob the straight man,

Bama the old guy 

And Heather who I gotta say is pretty fly

Apart they're just some average joes

But together they're Austin's number one morning show

If your morning sucks

In need of a rescue

You can always count on this morning crew

Trust me, they know how to have fun

Listening to them, you'll bust your abdo-mon 

From day one to now it's been a blast

Never a dull moment on this broadcast

So I hate to say it, my time here is through

Gotta say peace to this morning crew

But I wish y’all success

And I wish y’all the best

Because you guys are better than all the rest

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