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C'mon Get Happy: She Wants to Hug Every Officer!

Rosalyn is on a nationwide mission: hug law enforcement officer in every state. 

Last week, she shared her hugs with the Denver County Sheriff’s Office.

“I feel love, and I just love it. I feel a big heart bouncing against me,” Rosalyn said.

It started after the police shootings in Dallas in July of 2016.

“We talked about it and we kind of explained to her that this is society, that this is the way things happen, but she said, ‘No, they need to know I love them,'” said Rosalyn’s mom Angie Balwin.

She gives a hug, a sticker and a card to each officer.

“Feels awesome, and I just feel so free,” said Rosalyn.

Officers shared the same feeling.

“To have somebody come in and share love like Rosalyn does and just reassure people that there are people out there praying for us and that there are people out there thinking about us in positive ways means the world to the staff,” said Denver Sheriff Patrick Firman.

“I ask God to let the police officers be safe and fight the bad guys off and send them to jail,” said Rosalyn.

Rosalyn, who hopes to be a veterinarian when she grows up got a cool surprise herself. She got to spend some time with one of the K9 officers.

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