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C'mon Get Happy: 5 Friends See Every Super Bowl

They’ve been to more Super Bowls than Joe Montana, Terry Bradshaw and Tom Brady combined. In fact, they’ve been to all 51. The “Super Bowl Five,” is a group of longtime friends who have attended the big game since its modest beginnings in 1967. Sylvan is 79, Harvey is 84, Lew is 80, Larry is 83, and Al is 78. 

The Super Bowl Five met through business connections in the mid-1960s. The four New Yorkers flew to Los Angeles to see Super Bowl I, then known as the AFL-NFL World Championship Game, which was played before 62,000 people at the 90,000-seat LA Coliseum. 

Tickets were $10.

Tickets for Sunday’s game are going for an average of $3,700 online. 

When they’re together, one is “The Prof.”, one “The Prez,” “Chicago Lew,” “Larry Mac” and “The Fog.”

Al is going to miss this year's Super Bowl for the first time--he's down with pneumonia--and will watch from home in Palm Beach. 

They have one firm ground rule: No wives at the game. 

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