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C'mon Get Happy: 2 for 1 Awesome Dog Stories!!

A Pennsylvania family had an emotional reunion last week with their beloved dog, whom they thought was gone forever after an eagle swooped down and flew away with her. 

Monica Newhard says her brother let the family's four dogs out to play in their yard when he noticed an eagle flying around. As he stood and admired the bird's impressive wingspan, the predator swiftly flew down and grabbed Zoey, the family's eight-pound bichon frise, and flew away with her.

The family was shocked and heartbroken. They just assumed that Zoey was gone forever, but then just two hours later, someone driving four miles away spotted something white in the road. Christina Hartman said she thought it was a patch of snow but then got closer and realized it was a little white dog.

Hartman brought Zoey home with her and went on Facebook where she discovered the family's post about their dog being taken away by an eagle.

The next day, Hartman returned Zoey to her very grateful family. Newhard later said, "People are good; there is good in this world. With everything going on in this world, you think no, there's not. And there really is." 

The post office that serves the village of Portree, Scotland, does more than just make sure the mail is delivered correctly and on time. It also puts smiles on the faces of customers by offering stamp-licking services, provided by a special dog named Jax.

The postmaster, Ray Chandler, has been in charge for two years and wanted to brighten the mood of the place. So, he hired his family dog -- and put him to work.

Jax, who is affectionate toward all locals and visitors alike, acts as a greeter. Many people stop in just to visit with the pooch and bring him treats.

And, if requested, Jax is happy to lick stamps. All in a day’s work. 

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