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C'mon Get Happy: Boys Surprise Mom with a Car!

This story is from few months ago, but it is still amazing. On Valentine's Day, a Georgia mom got a huge surprise from her family. When you watch the video, it looks like her husband is giving her flowers, which is nice. Then, as Elizabeth Holt stands there, getting teary-eyed, each of her sons steps forward and gives her a vase of a different colored roses. The mom gets really emotional--but there was more to come!! 

"Where's your keys at?" one of the sons said. "What?" she asks, confused.

"I got it," a voice says, and someone hands her the keys. "What is this?" she asks, and they lead her outside and ask her to set off the alarm.

That's the moment Holt realizes her sons have bought her a car. "Don't do that!" she sobs, and then hugs all of them. "It's too much!" she says.

The vehicle was a brand new 4 Runner. "She has inspired so much of our lives, and has always been the solid rock of the family," one of the sons told their Fox affiliate. 

The boys now own three branches of an HVAC company in Georgia.

"Everything we are as a company or individuals comes back to the love that this woman has instilled in us our whole lives," son Matthew said.

"We grew up extremely poor," he said, "and even though we did not have much materialistic things...we have always had love," he said. 

Collins said they have been blessed as a company and finally they were able to give back by giving her a new car. "She has never owned a new vehicle," he said, and since her car wasn't in the best condition, it will come in handy as she travels an hour each way to work.

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