The Best Candy Store In Texas

Photo: Getty Images

Do you have a serious sweet tooth? Then you'll definitely want to check out Taste of Home's latest list of the best candy store in every state. With everything from handcrafted chocolates to imported candies, these stores are a candy lover's paradise.

"From chocolate shops to old-fashioned soda parlors, we’ve found the best candy store in every state. The candy shops on our list have high ratings on TripAdvisor, plus sweet reviews in local newspapers and magazines. Bring on the sugar rush!" the magazine said about its delicious list.

In Texas, the best candy store is Big Top Candy Shop in Austin. Here's what Taste of Home said to back up its decision:

Even when it comes to candy, Texas stays true to its catchphrase. Big Top Candy Shop is proof that everything really is bigger in the Lonestar State, with thousands of treats from around the world and an old-fashioned soda fountain.

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