Comedian Roasts The Heck Out Of Buc-ee’s & We Can’t Help But Laugh

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Your first trip to Buc-ee's can be undoubtedly overwhelming. This proved to be true for comedian Trevor Wallace, who hailed all the way from California to see what Texas does best.

"So Buc-ee's is just a gas station? Why are we going to a gas station?" said Wallace, who's currently on the road for his "Are You That Guy? Tour." His friend in the front seat couldn't help but laugh. "You'll see," he said.

Upon walking in, the 29-year-old comedian known for his viral bits, hilariously says "it smells like somebody's vaping brisket." The video then goes on to show a bunch of different clips from Wallace's experience at Buc-ee's. "So it's like a Walmart, but on house arrest?" he said while perusing through the home decor section. "I feel like I'm in a Morgan Wallen music video ... I think I just saw somebody valet park their gun," he quips.

While strolling through the vast beef jerky selection, Wallace looks at it and says, "Damn, I haven't seen this much beef since Pete and Kanye," referring to the stars' infamous back and forth that took over most of the 2022 news cycle. "'I love you like biscuits and gravy.' Is this supposed to be romantic?" Wallace said while holding up a wooden sign from the home decor section. Wallace then sits down on the iconic pick-up truck bench in the middle of the store and says, "It feels like Disneyland. But without the rides, or teeth."

As Wallace and his friend get ready to leave, Trevor is asked how his experience was. "It's whatever," he said, meanwhile decked out in Buc-ee's merch and enjoying some Beaver Nuggets.

The video received over half a million likes and 4 million views. The TikTok users in the comments were quick to defend the ever iconic travel center.

"It’s not a gas station, it’s an experience lol," one user said.

"Born n raised in Texas & THIS IS HILARIOUS," said another.

Do you agree? Check out the video below for yourself:

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