'I Was Scared': Texas Home's Security Cam Exposes Vandals

Photo: Getty Images

Some East Dallas residents are tired of feeling afraid in their own homes. NBC DFW reported that security camera footage from a few residents show two people who are possibly tied to the incidents that are making residents feel unsafe.

Adean, a resident in the area, told NBC DFW, "I know I was scared the first several nights to sleep there. Something needs to happen I mean we shouldn't have to feel unsafe living in our homes."

Adean moved to the area two months ago and has already experienced a threat. She explained, "Upon moving in, there was a gentleman who seemed a little disheveled who basically yelled at me, 'I'm going to kill you,' and I kind of just ignored him."

Weeks later, Adean heard a bang on her door and saw that the same person who threatened her had thrown a heavy boulder at it.

Recently, things have become more violent. She explained, "I was in my master bedroom, I heard pounding at my door. I quickly looked at the video doorbell, at what I thought was a baseball bat, there was a gentleman just slamming at my front porch."

The next day, she saw that the man had vandalized her home. She said, "I came home from work that day, and had cut all my wires to my landscape lights in my front yard, stole several lights, smashed my side gate."

Another neighbor says the men wreaking havoc have been in the area since at least 2013. She said, "It's only recently it's become clear that their mental state is perhaps deteriorating or they're on drugs. They've become more aggressive and more brazen in approaching people in the neighborhood."

Dallas Police said that they are actively investigating, but no arrests have been made yet.

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