Update On Instagram Filter Availability In Texas

Photo: Getty Images

One week after some Instagram filters were disabled in Texas, they are all back now.

Millions in Texas were left without access to some filters due to an ongoing lawsuit against Facebook's parent company Meta brought about by Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton. Paxton alleged the company uses facial recognition technology, which Meta discontinued in November 2021, according to KXAN.

For those who want to access all Instagram filters, Meta said it would include an opt-in feature. To access Instagram filters again, a pop-up message should be available when you go to post a story, which explains what the filters are and how they are used, KXAN reported.

"Allow Instagram to use the camera to position effects on your face, eyes and hands?" the notice begins. "This technology is not facial recognition and this information is not used to identify you," the message says after explaining how the filters work.

The message tells users filters can be turned off at any time in the app's settings.

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