Lucky Fan Catches 2 Home Run Balls In Same Inning At Houston Astros Game

Photo: Getty Images

One lucky fan had one heck of a time at Fenway Park on Tuesday (May 17) after catching not one, but two home run balls — in the same inning.

The Boston Red Sox hosted the Houston Astros in a game that ended 13-4 for the visiting team. In the second inning, Jeremy Peña hit a solo home run into left field, which was caught by a fan. A few moments later, Yuli Gurriel hit a two-run homer, sending the ball right into the same fan's hands. The Astros were up 9-1 at the top of the second.

"This guy should play the lottery! He caught TWO home runs in ONE INNING. 🤯" the MLB Twitter account said along with a video of the lucky fan in the Green Monster.

This ain't the first time a player has caught two homers, though. According to, a Dodgers fan caught two home run balls in the same game at Dodger Stadium about five years ago. However, his catches weren't in the same inning.

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